Ireland Roadtrip: Dublin


The Westin in Dublin

While out original plan had been to split up out Dublin days between the beginning and end of our trip, we had determined it made more sense if we didn’t have to keep going back to the car rental part of the airport (hence the mad dash to get out of Dublin that first morning). We decided to drive around the country for the first half of our vacation and then spend the second half in Dublin after having “dominated” driving on the left.

The Westin Hotel had been the primary factor in our decision to visit Ireland this time of year. Being SPG reward members, we had been able to pay for our entire three night stay at the Westin in Dublin with points!


A night out in Dublin

It seems more often than not, Dublin is associated with the pub scene. Whether it’s something local around the corner or Temple Bar itself, this is definitely the spot for a pint. While we made a point to avoid the more touristy spots, how could we resist getting out there on our first night in town!


Downtown Dublin

We had been told for years how overcast Ireland would be and yet somehow our luck continued. With blue skies above us, we walked up and down Dublin’s shopping district. I was absolutely obsessed with that perfect athleisure look I saw on the streets. Such street style- everyone looked intimidatingly cool!


The Long Room Library at Trinity College

One of the touristy stops that I was most looking forward to was seeing the Book of Kells (sorry, no photos allowed) and the Long Room at the Trinity College Library. These historic sights didn’t disappoint, it was so amazing to be there in person!


Wearing denim in Dublin

For walking around the city I knew I needed to keep my outfits casual and comfortable. For our big “tourist” day in Dublin, I decked myself out in denim (style post to come). These Old Navy jeans were perfect for all the walking that we needed to do and this scarf from Target was that pop of color I needed against the blue.


I might have stopped by the Aran Sweater Market again!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this store before (I know I have), but the Aran Sweater Market was just so much to explore. Even after shopping in other wool stores, I still had  a calling to buy more socks! This store was just so much fun, I had to visit one last time to say goodbye. That’s a thing right?


View from the Guinness Storehouse

Our last full day in Ireland was focused on exploring the outskirts of downtown. We walked up to St. Patrick’s Cathedral to see the beautiful interior and then up to the Guinness Storehouse for a tour. Walking around you really get a feel for the pride they have in their product. While it’s an expensive experience at 20 euro, if you’re a Guinness lover it is one of those spots that you need to see if only for the amazing view from the bar up top.

Well, that was all she wrote for our amazing Ireland roadtrip! We had a full week of driving and fun, but we were ready to head home!

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