Backpacking: Munich


Louis Hotel in Munich

Part three of our backpacking trip was a four day stopover in Munich. As the city that we were most looking forward to experiencing, I was not disappointed. Walking through Munich for the first time was a surreal experience. The city is so vibrant and full of life that I couldn’t wait to explore further. No where is there more quintessential charm than near the market downtown.

We were lucky to have found a hotel right in the middle of this quintessentially charming city center. The Louis Hotel is a boutique hotel with about 70 rooms and a chic, streamlined style. I loved being able to step outside of my Munich home base and be right in the middle of all excitement. It was the perfect location and we absolutely plan to stay there again when we return this spring.


Our room at the Louis Hotel

The classic feel of Munich was well matched by the minimalist feel of the Louis Hotel decor. The rooms were comfortable and had a well-planned floor plan that maximized space. Throughout our four day stay, I continued to be impressed with the customer service, amenities, and location. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be able to revisit this fabulous hotel in May 2017.


Marienplatz- Munich City Center

I couldn’t begin to talk about Munich without mentioning Marienplatz city center. The city square is always bustling with excitement and filled with crowds that are eager fully experience all that Munich has to offer. Every time we circled back from a full day of activity, it felt like home wandering back through this stunning downtown.


 English Garden park in Munich

Almost immediately after checking into our hotel, we were out the door to experience Munich. Whenever we arrive in a new city we like to spend a chunk of the first day exploring on foot. We couldn’t have picked a better first day to see Munich! The weather was cheerfully sunny and we spent a few hours just meandering through the city center parks.


Munich Residenz

Day two was all about seeing the beauty of the Munich Residenz. Sitting in downtown Munich, the Residenz is an easy walk from almost anywhere in the city center. This is a must see if you’re ever in the city.


Interior room in the Munich Residenz

Having a few hours to just walk through these halls was such a calming feeling. The artifacts were intriguing and the rooms were overwhelming in their details. I found that this stunning building has some of the most beautiful interior decor that I have ever seen.


Hofbräuhaus in Munich

Everyone knows about the famous beer halls in Munich and we were no exception. The most well-known is the Hofbräuhaus. While we had a few locations to try out, this beer hall was at the top of our list.


Interior of Hofbräuhaus in Munich

While I wasn’t much of a beer drinker at the time, after my four days there I was convinced! These halls are loud, crowded, and full of fun! I was amazed by how many strangers could gather around these tables and share in this time-honored Munich tradition.


Hofbräuhaus throughout the decades

Upon our return home I was sharing my vacation photos with my parents. My dad went into his office and came back with a small stack of pictures. After I got over the fact that I had more photos of Munich than my dad did of his entire multi-week backpacking trip, we compared shots and it was surreal to see some of the same picture taken decade apart.

There is something so special about Munich. Out of all the cities that we’ve visited over the past few years, this is one that I just know we will frequent for the rest of our lives. When we were selecting our next European trip there was no further debate once a stopover in Munich became a possibility. This lively, beautiful city will always be one of my home towns.

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  • Giant Sis

    I enjoyed Munich (and was happy I finally got to go after having a postcard from there for over 25 years!) but Berlin won my heart!