Gilmore Girls: Need to Catch up?

“Oy with the poodles already!”

This post is completely off message, but close to my coffee-loving heart!

With the recent release of new Netflix season of Gilmore Girls: Year in the Life, I’ve been trying to quickly review everything that happened in seasons one through seven. While I wanted to make sure I was fully caught up for  the release, I didn’t have time to marathon all episodes before the Netflix November 26th release. Scanning through the season summaries, I was able to select 17 episodes of Gilmore Girls that essentially summarize all the major milestones and (almost) all the relationships encountered on the original show. (Sorry guys, I wasn’t able to find a Jason Stiles episode that fit…)

Season One: 

Episode 1; Episode 9; Episode 21

Season Two: 

Season 4; Episode 15

Season Three:

Season 7; Episode 22

Season Four: 

Episode 2; Episode 22

Season Five: 

Episode 7; Episode 13; Episode 22

Season Six:

Episode 7; Episode 14

Season Seven:

Episode 11; Episode 21; Episode 22

I challenge all you non-fans to dive into these episodes and trust that you will be ready for a viewing of “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.” If you’re a lifelong fan this will be a throwback treat to go along with the revival, which is much better the second time through. Trust me!

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