Blazers and Pearls

Not going to lie, I’m getting a little stir crazy with all this snow. While most of the country is well into their spring-time months, Maine is still fighting the good “snowball” fight. Come late March/ early April, my wardrobe starts feeling smaller and smaller. I’ve even found myself buying cute little sundresses that won’t be wearable for at least another month. However, when I start feeling the late winter blues, I try to remember that the fall/ winter seasons are my favorites and once layering season is over I will absolutely miss it. My current style goal is to finish out winter strong and not feel the end-of-season style fatigue that we all know so well.

Over the past year, my personal style has evolved to what I would describe as business casual – casual. I like to combine elements that seem more work appropriate with grab-and-go sneakers or my favorite jeans. This heavy blazer has it all and is easily able to switch from Saturday errands to a Tuesday meeting, but I love it most with these white tennis shoes. All my friends tell me I tend to channel a strong personal interpretation of the 1980’s workplace style, which I’m all for as long as the hair doesn’t come along too! Just kidding, I love my crimper!

Blazer: Old Navy; Purse: G.H.Bass; Denim: Old Navy; Hat: Urban Outfitters; Sneakers: Old Navy

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